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Renovation Experiential Centre

Interior Design Resource Library

Established in 2012, Musée is well-known for its interior design material resource library & renovation experiential centre. It builds on the concept of a museum, holding a vast collection of interior design materials and products essential to suit any designs of your home interior. If you are home owner and would like to know more about interior design and renovation. VISIT US TODAY


Musee Unboxed

Musée unboxed is an online portal aims at educating homeowners, where our in-house professional interior designers will guide and advise you with the details of the type of materials and the workmanship to converting the design into the full interior construction, allowing our clients to make the most suitable decision relevant to your ideal home interior. WATCH MORE



Musee’s E-Store is Singapore’s first O2O (online to offline) sales portal, offering interior design services and decorative products. Offering almost every aspects of home interior design, Musée uniquely offers products, ranging not only from ceiling/wall, flooring, door/window, kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms, appliances, furniture but also services such as renovation loan and feng shui audit. SHOP NOW.



E-Quotation for Musée’s services and products will be made accessible to homeowners for you to get a rough evaluation of the costs involved. This feature will assist you in your budget planning of your home interior design. E-Quotation comprises of the selection of the materials from the interior design resource library and an automated estimated price table. Currently, it is used as a tool for illustration and will be made available soon.