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Fullhouse Home Furnishings is co-founded by the CEO of Fullhouse, Mr. Elton Pan. From modest beginnings, he did not have the luxury of having his own bed or a stable home for the first 30 years of his life. With this, he envisioned and made a promise to himself that in future, he would provide people with a comfortable place they can call home.

Over the span of 9 years, Fullhouse saw many hardships and breakthroughs, from the loss of motivation and many staff, to now, having the available resources to grow the business tremendously.

Today, Fullhouse rides strongly on these values for our furniture – Affordable, Customizable & Comfortable. We put together our unique design & high quality materials to ensure comfort. Rest assured that Fullhouse tops the game by providing our customers customizable & comfortable furniture, at affordable prices!

With a foresight for the future of Fullhouse, it is necessary to keep up with the trends of technology. Hence, here comes the birth of our new e-commerce brand –; Online to Offline. This will allow Fullhouse to continue moving forward, achieving more than just a brick and mortar store in the 21st century.

Ultimately, Fullhouse has two goals, and that is to take care of our customers & staff. In order to take care of our customers, CEO of Fullhouse, Elton Pan believes firmly to always upgrade ourselves. He never fails to care for the welfare of the company & is very willing to provide trainings in order to upgrade and enhance their personal development. And in turn, it provides the best standards we can give to our Fullhouse customers.

With all the positive growth and energy in the company, Fullhouse strives to be the leading furniture home provider in Singapore, and also with the aim of being a century old business center.

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