Musee UnBoxed


Musee Unboxed-Water Purifier

Hydroflux antioxidant alkaline water purifiers provide the healthy lifestyle for the family. A purifier is made up of sediment filter, UF..

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Musee Unboxed-Vertical Garden

Vertical garden by Greenology is formed up by synthetic artificial plants. Vertical garden façade serves to clean air pollutants and..

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Musee Unboxed-Vinyl Flooring

Eco+ luxury vinyl flooring are resilient, water resistant, stain resistant, scratch resistant. Variety of color and texture of the vinyl..

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Musee Unboxed-Air Conditioner

Improper placement of Aircon units will lead to several issues like condensation, optimal room temperature, flooring degrade.  Indeed,..

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Musee Unboxed – Countertop

Unlike traditional nature, stone based appearance, Kompacplus materials countertop provides wood grains, texture, design appealing and..

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